Hi! My name is Marvel which sounds like marble. I was almost named Marble because of my coloring, but since I am destined to be marvelous...Marvel it is. If you are looking for a smart, adorable pup who is going to 1 day be a big, beautiful girl...lo... see more at Petfinder
Hello, My name is Brownie and I am a really sweet and shy pup! I like to snuggle and need lots of hugs and kisses!!! I love children and other animals! I like to eat and play with toys! I love my sleep and just chilling in the shade outside! I go to bed at...
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Casper is a beautiful white Persian male who is 2 years old, has been home-raised since I bought him for $1100 as a baby. (I paid for him & BREEDING RIGHTS). I planned to have him and a female Persian as my housepets yet breed and have babies a few times a year. My plans did not work out, we have a German Shepherd instead of another cat and I am now pregnant not wanting to handle the litter box...
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